Chair Cheryl Johnson & Lin Chevrier
Vice Chair vacant contact
Past Chair Donna McMaster contact
Treasurer Lee Vanspronsen contact
Director Carla De Monte contact
Director Jeff Mason contact
Director Ken Carpenter contact
Director Manuela Poli contact
Director Susan Lipchak contact
Director Barbara Peat contact
Director Arie Vanspronsen contact

Program Committee

Member Barbara Cooper contact
Member Bella Seiden contact

Members Showcase (October through April)

Co-ordinator Anna Leggatt contact

Newsletter Committee

Co-editor Barbara Lee contact
Co-editor Diana Pooke contact
On-line Journal Ewan Mackay contact
Mailing Mary Ann Robinson contact

Membership Committee

Co-ordinator Carol Clark contact
Member Jean Gardiner contact
Welcoming Bev Sutton contact
Mass Mailings Ewan Mackay contact

Seedex Committee

Donations Arie Vanspronsen contact
Compilation and Distribution Annie Brelih contact
Germination Guide Carol Clark contact
Packaging Merle Burston contact
Labels Mike Dolbey contact

Garden Tours and Picnics

Co-ordinators Donna McMaster contact

Plant Sale Committee (April, September and October)

Co-ordinator Annie Brelih contact


Librarian Grace Inglis contact

Super Plant Sale May 1, 2016

Co-ordinator Laura Hawthorn contact

Hospitality Committee

Member Barbara Peat contact

Handbook Committee

Businesses/Services/Gardens Joyce Killin contact
Layout and printing Linda Petherick contact


Contact Sheila Cording contact

Toronto Botanical Garden Liaison

Member Susan Lipchak contact

Web Site Committee

Website Developer Daniel Dillon contact
Co-ordinator Ewan Mackay contact
Membership administrator Carol Clark contact
Editor Plant of the Month Robert Pavlis contact
Website team Sherill Allard contact
Advertising editor Joyce Killin contact