About Us


Organized in December 1984, our aim is to promote, on a non-profit basis, the study of alpine plants, related hardy perennials and the creation of rock gardens and suitable habitats for all hardy plants. We encourage an exchange of ideas and activities with related plant societies and promote and support the planting and care of rock and hardy plants in botanic and other public gardens. Membership varies between 400-500/year and includes individuals from across Canada, many parts of the United States and overseas.


We usually meet on the second Sunday of the month at the Toronto Botanical Garden at the SW corner of Leslie and Lawrence, Toronto. Speakers are selected from internationally know experts as well as local members. Our speakers begin at 1:30 PM and usually illustrate their talks by computer generated pictures. Subjects include landscaping techniques, site locations for rock garden and hardy plants, plant selection and the occasional travelogue. Coffee break is followed by a short program called "Members' Showcase' and the occassional auction.

Plant Sales

In the spring and fall we have several seedling and plant sales. There are a great number of unusual and choice plants available at very reasonable prices. Many plants would never be found in commercial nurseries.

Seed Exchange

Each year we operate a seed exchange. Our members collect seed in their own gardens as well as on botanizing trips. Some members go on trips to different corners of the world and wild collected seed will come not only from the mountains of North America, but also from Europe, Asia Minor, Central Asia and points further East. Up to 60 packets may be obtained by each member at a nominal cost, chosen from a list of more than 1,000 selections.


We publish our ten-page Journal ten times a year. The articles may be about a particular genus of plants, write-ups of our speakers' talks, descriptions of gardens, book reviews and correspondence. The articles are illustrated by drawings or photographs.


In the summer we have garden tours and occasional picnics at the gardens of various members.
Our Handbook is published in the spring and it contains a list of all members, the calendar of events, a list of books in our library, a list of members' gardens open for visits and some sources for plants and seeds.
We have a considerable collection of books in our library, which may be borrowed by our members. As well,  newsletters from other chapters of NARGS are available.