Seed Exchange

The Seedex is open only to members of the Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society.  To cover the cost of the winter exchange, members pay $15 CAD and can then order up to 60 packages of seeds. Non-members can preview the list of seeds. To order seeds, non-members must first join our society. Join

2014-15 SEEDEX

* New Feature *  

  Order on-line using Paypal:

Paypal allows you to use a credit card directly or to pay using a Paypal account. If you opt to set up a Paypal account, we recommend that you do so before before proceeding with your order. Click here to set up your Paypal account.

The deadline for ordering from this year's Seedex is Dec. 31, 2014. It is not possible to accommodate late orders. Don't be disappointed - send your order early and avoid the Christmas mail delays.

  • Orders are filled on a "first come first served" basis with donor orders filled before non-donors. 
  • A maximum of 60 packages of seed can be ordered. (See exception for U.S.A.)
  • You can have your order shipped to an address which is different from your billing address. Just make sure that the shipping address is correct. Ignore your Paypal receipt if it uses your billing address as the shipping address or makes a statement like like "the shipping address is not confirmed".  PayPal's address validation is not sophisticated! We'll ensure that your order goes to the shipping address which you requested.
  • Only current members can order seeds. There will be no refunds for Seedex orders placed by non-members. Any non-members who place orders will be contacted to request that they take out a membership immediately.

 Attention U.S.A. Residents

  • Do not order seeds which are prohibited entry to the U.S.A. These are listed on the NARGS website
  • Before we can mail your seeds, we must receive your Small Lots of Seed Permit, along with the conditions, an itemized list of the seed names, your own mailing label and the yellow and green mailing label. You can order on-line from our Seedex immediately and send the paperwork later on.The paperwork should be directed to Annie Brelih, 1608 - 38 Orchard View Blvd, Toronto, ON, Canada, M4R 2G3
  • Keep in mind that you are only allowed 50 packets of seed, but if you send an order for 60, we’ll stop when we get to 50 if you were lucky enough to get all your wishes!

2014-15 Seedex Downloads:

2014-15 Seedex - codes and special instructions.pdf501.1 KB
Seedex-2014-2015.pdf1.11 MB
Seedex-2014-2015-OrderForm.pdf26.64 KB