Seed Exchange

Our Seedex and ephemeral seed exchange are open only to members of the Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society.  To cover our costs for the Seedex, members pay $15 CAD and can then order up to 60 packages of seeds. There is no charge for the ephemeral seeds. If you want to participate in our  2014-15 Seedex, join now.


2014-15 SEEDEX


It's time to collect seed for this year's exchange. If there is only a small amount of seed available for distribution, donors will be given priority. Clean as much chaff and debris as possible from your seed and store it in a paper envelope since plastic packaging often causes seeds to develop mold. Label the seed with the genus, species and cultivar. We refer to and to verify the correct name and spelling of any seed we receive. It helps to have your name on the package as well.

A member has asked if we include annuals as well as hardy plants in the exchange. The answer is "Yes!"

The deadline for submitting your list of seed donations is Oct. 31, 2014. Please ensure that we get your list on time to assist us in having the Seedex ready for distribution  early in December.

The sheets for submitting information about your seed donations have been distributed by e-mail and printed in the October issue of "Journal". For a replacement copy, please info [at] onrockgarden [dot] com (subject: replacement%20copy%20of%20Seedex%20donation%20sheet) (contact us).

You can bring your seeds to the fall meetings or send them to Barrie Porteous.

Mother Plant Photos for Seedex
Please send digital photos of mother plants to Anna Leggatt or put them on a jump drive/stick and hand them to her at the November meeting. This is in addition to sending the same mother plant photos to info [at] onrockgarden [dot] com (subject: photos%20of%20mother%20plants) for posting on this website.


Printed Seedex Version Available for Digital Users
Members who normally receive their newsletter in the digital format can request a printed version of the Seedex issue as well. You must order your copy before November 12 by contacting info [at] onrockgarden [dot] com (subject: printed%20copy%20of%20Seedex)

Seedex 2014

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