Seed Exchange

Our winter Seedex, ephemeral seed exchange and Jelitto seed orders are open only to members of the Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society.  To cover our costs for the winter exchange, members pay $15 CAD and can then order up to 60 packages of seeds. There is no charge for the ephemeral seeds. If you want to participate in our  2014-15 Seedex, join now.


2014-15 SEEDEX


It's time to collect seed for this year's exchange. If there is only a small amount of seed available for distribution, donors will be given priority. Clean as much chaff and debris as possible from your seed and store it in a paper envelope since plastic packaging often causes seeds to develop mold. Label the seed with the genus, species and cultivar. We refer to and to verify the correct name and spelling of any seed we receive. It helps to have your name on the package as well.

The deadline for submitting your list of seed donations is Oct. 31, 2014. Please ensure that we get your list on time to assist us in having the Seedex ready for distribution  early in December.

In October, you will be sent a form on which to list your donations. We particularly encourage all donors to complete the information about the height, colour and description of their donated seeds. Directions for returning the completed form will be sent at the same time. You can bring your seeds to the fall meetings or send them to Barrie Porteous.



You can still review the list of plants which were available this past winter.

Seedex-2013-2014.pdf  (1Mb)

In that document, donors of the seeds are indicated by the first four letters of their surnames:

Katy Anderson, Esther Benedict, Daryl Bessell, Elsie Biedler, Gert Bohme, Mandy Botican, Annie Brelih, Merle Burston, Veronica Callinan, Bernard Carrier, Alain Charest, Ian Christie, Carol Clark, Barbara Cooper and Bella Seiden, Gabriela Costea, Susan Delafield, Susan and Mike Dolbey, Ruth Donnelly, Penny Eccles, Peter Fuller, Belinda Gallagher, Jean Gardiner, John Gell, Laura Grant and Bob Ramik, Brian Gray, Ross Greenberg, Christine Halbot, Patrick Healey, Virginia Hildebrandt, Frances Howey, Liz Knowles, Kazimierz Kot, Barb Lee, Anna Leggatt, Joerg and Franzis Leiss, Harry Lumsden, Larry Lundy, Rosaleen McDonald, Darcie McKelvey, Donna McMaster, Sharon Middleton, Robert Pavlis, Roman Plaskota, Diana Pooke, Barrie Porteous, Veronica Richard, Linda Ross, Brian Rowe, Charlie Sale, David and Mary Schmidt, Lee Shannon, Lois and Harley Smith, Bill Snowdon, Linda Soper, Glen Spurrell, Mary Sterrett, Bev Sutton, Vello Tou, Beverley Wagar, Judy Wall, Rob Welsh, Pam Wright, Kirk Zufelt






Seedex 2014

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