Seed Exchange


The Seedex is open only to members of the Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society.  To cover the cost of the winter exchange, members pay $15 CAD and can then order up to 60 packages of seeds. Non-members can preview the list of seeds.  Join to participate in the next Seedex which starts in December 2015.

Seed donors are listed by the first four letters of their surnames. Their contact information can be found in the Handbook.

We thank the following 2014 donors:
Katy Anderson, Esther Benedict, Daryl Bessell, Gert Bôhme, Mandy Botincan, Annie Brelih, Merle Burston, Bernard Carrier, Alain Charest, Carol Clark, Barbara Cooper & Bella Seiden, Gabriela Costea, Susan & Mike Dolbey, Ruth Donnelly, Penny Eccles, Peter Fuller, Belinda Gallagher, Jean Gardiner, Laura Grant & Robert Ramik, Ross Greenberg, Patrick Healy, Virginia Hilderbrandt, Frances Howey, Rodger Inglis, Liz Knowles, Kazimierz Kot, Anna Leggatt, Joerg &  Frances Leiss, Susan Lipchak, Harry Lumsden, Rosaleen McDonald, Donna McMaster, Sharon Middleton, Anna Mizyn, Trish Murphy, Sharon Oughton, Robert Pavlis, Roman Plaskota, Helen Poirier, Diana Pooke, Inge Poot, Barrie Porteous, Veronica Richard, Linda Ross, Charlie Sale, Bryan Shanks, Lee Shannon, Bill Snowdon, Lynda Soper, Glen Spurrell, Steve Stehouwer, Mary Sterret, Bev Sutton, Vello Tou, Beverley Wagar, Judy Wall, Rob Welsh and Pam Wright


2014-15 Seedex Downloads:

2014-15 Seedex - codes and special instructions.pdf501.1 KB
Seedex-2014-2015.pdf1.11 MB