Growing Spring Beauties from Seed
Do you admire many spring woodland flowers and other beautiful spring bulbs?
Have you tried to grow some from seed without a single seed germinating?
Many of these seeds will not germinate if they have dried out. They are ephemeral or recalcitrant seeds. In nature, the seeds are shed and stay in warmish, moist soil. Winter comes. Germination is in the spring, almost a year after the seeds are shed.
We can grow many of these by planting the seeds in the spring, waiting till the next year, but how to get them?
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If you have any of the following (or others) please email the editors for the May Journal saying “I have seeds of ... If interested, please contact me.” Subject I’ve Got
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Examples of recalcitrant seeds:

Adonis vernalis, Anemone nemorosa, Anemone quinquefolia, Anemonopsis, Anthurium, Asarum

Caltha palustris, Caulophyllum, Clintonia, Coptis trifoliata, Corydalis


Eomecon chionantha, Eranthis 

Hepatica, Hylomecon vernalis 


Lindera benzoin 

Medeola, Maianthemum

Paris quadrifolia, Plagiorhegma, Podophyllum

Sanguinaria, Symplocarpus, Stylophorum

Trillium albidum

Uvularia grandiflorum 


Uvularia grandiflora