You will be notified when the seed ordering will begin. It will likely be in approximately 48 hours at noon following the delivery of the seed list.

Seed Orders with payment are stamped with date and time received. Members who have donated seed get to have their selections picked first in order of time stamp. Once these orders are picked the balance of the orders are picked based date and time of order with payment receipt.

Before you go to the online seed order page you should have already selected your seeds and have them in numerical order. To facilitate the entering of your order you can also have them in the correct format beforehand so that you can easily copy and paste your selection into the text box provided.

To begin your order you first need to log into the site with your membership information so that you have access to the seed ordering menu options.
To find the Seed ordering options select the Seedex menu option dropdown and then choose the drop down arrow next to the 2022 Seedex Order menu (see below). In this area you can see an option for the online seed ordering and the seed order options. If you are the Primary member of your Household you should enter your order on the 2022 Primary Seedex Order option. If you are entering an order on behalf of someone else in your household then use one of the other seed order options available.


A closer view of the drop down menu.


Once you select the option, your order will populate with your membership information at the top of the order form. The photos following may have 2021 but what you will see on the website will be 2022.

Top of Seedex Order

When placing an order for one of your Household members you will also be asked to provide the name for whom the order is for.

If you require the seeds to be shipped to a different address than your membership address you have the opportunity to enter the shipping information for your seeds.

shipping box

Next you will have a text field to enter your seed order. Below is an example of the field completed. To order seeds enter the numbers in the 2022 Seedex Order field shown below in numerical order separated by just commas. Order numbers MUST be followed by COMMAS. There must NOT be any spaces, carriage returns, periods or other characters used in this text field. Example of seed order looks like this 5,55,56,159,200,600,651,652,653,753 . The field will expand as you fill it. You can also copy and paste into this field as long as it is in the correct format indicated above. If you do not follow the format some of your seed requests may be missed although we try to catch these errors. Do NOT hit Return/Enter at the end of a row. Don't worry about numbers wrapping to next line.

Seedex order box 1

Here is an example where the order box has been made wider by grabbing and dragging the bottom right area of the box where indicated by the circles.

Seedex order box 2

Next you need to choose either Bambora Online Credit Card Payments (which is a secure way to pay using your credit card) or Offline Payment. Your Seed Order will be processed in the Seed Order picking queue once your payment is received. For Offline Payments you may pay by E-Transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No password is required.   We no longer accept cheques with online orders.

order form payment

Next you will need to accept the Privacy Policy, Terms and Condidtion and respond to the security Code. Select “Process Order” to complete the order before Payment.

If you chose the Bambora Online Credit Card Payments you will then see this area to complete your credit card information and then select “Submit Payment”


New payment screen Bambora

New payment screen 2

Once you process your order, and if paying by Bambora, “Submit Payment” you will be sent an email informing you that we have received your order. If you chose to pay offline the email will include the information for offline payment.

Etransfers are to be sent to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No password is required.