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The Board

Chair: Dave Pounds

Vice-chair: vacant

Past Chair: Arie Vanspronsen

Treasurer: Lee Vanspronsen


Sherill Allard

Carol Clark

Laura Grant

Donna McMaster

Barbara Peat


Speaker Co-ordinators: Barbara Cooper and Bella Seiden

Members Showcase Co-ordinator: Anna Leggatt

Journal Committee

Editors: Barb Lee, Sharon Bowler

Electronic distribution: Lannie Messervey

Print distribution: Mary Ann Robinson

Membership Committee

Co-ordinator: Carol Clark

Assistant: Jean Gardiner

Welcoming: Bev Sutton

 July Garden Tour

Co-ordinators: Dianne Pettigrew and Pat de Valence

Plant Sales

Co-ordinator: Annie Brelih (Sept, Oct & Apr)

Super Plant Sale: vacant

Seedex Committee

Co-ordinator: Arie Vanspronsen

Proofreader/Advisor: Gabriela Costea

Orders and Mailing: Annie Brelih

Labels: Sherill Allard

Germination Guide: Carol Clark


Jennifer Almeida and Barbara Peat

 Handbook Editor

Linda Petherick

 TBG Liaison

Susan Lipchak


Jan Hendrikse

 Facebook Administrator

Veronica Callinan

 Website Committee

Sherill Allard, Lannie Messervey and Ewan Mackay

     Anna Leggatt: Plant of the Month