Events Calendar

Title Link Start Date Start Time
December meeting; Speaker TBA Sunday 10 December 2023 01:00pm
November in person and Zoom meeting featuring Oron Peri from Israel: "Alpine Bulbs". Following his presentation, for those who are interested, Oron will do a short presentation about his nursery, "Seeds of Peace". Sunday 12 November 2023 01:00pm
October in person and Zoom meeting featuring Anne Spiegel: "Gardening on Rock" Sunday 15 October 2023 01:00pm
September in person and Zoom meeting featuring Paul Spriggs: "My Favourite Crevice Garden Plants". Plant and Book Sale Sunday 10 September 2023 12:30pm
ORG&HPS garden tour Sunday 23 July 2023 11:00am
April Meeting Featuring Carole and Ian Bainbridge: A Garden from Scratch - The Development of our Galloway Garden since 2010 Sunday 16 April 2023 01:00pm
March Meeting featuring Susan Chater: Botanizing in New Zealand Sunday 12 March 2023 01:00pm
February In Person and Zoom Meeting featuring Barbara Cooper & Bella Seiden: Flora of the Turkish Silk Road Sunday 19 February 2023 01:00pm
January Zoom meeting featuring Nick Courtens: Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Sunday 08 January 2023 01:00pm
December Zoom Meeting with Panayoti Kelaidis "Heavenly Tibet" Sunday 11 December 2022 01:00pm
November Zoom Meeting With Ian Young "Highland Gatherings" followed by AGM Sunday 13 November 2022 01:00pm
October Zoom Meeting featuring Tom Freeth: "Alpine and Living Rock Collections at RBG Kew" Sunday 16 October 2022 01:30pm
September Zoom meeting featuring Tony Reznicek: “Murder in the Rock Garden” Sunday 11 September 2022 01:30pm
July Garden Tour for Members Sunday 10 July 2022 11:00am
June Garden Tour for Members Sunday 12 June 2022 10:00am