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Growing Spring Beauties from Seed
Do you admire many spring woodland flowers and other beautiful spring bulbs?
Have you tried to grow some from seed without a single seed germinating?
Many of these seeds will not germinate if they have dried out. They are ephemeral or recalcitrant seeds. In nature, the seeds are shed and stay in warmish, moist soil. Winter comes. Germination is in the spring, almost a year after the seeds are shed.
We can grow many of these by planting the seeds in the spring, waiting till the next year, but how to get them?
A seed give away! If you want seeds from some on the following list, please email the editors for the May Journal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a request to be published for fresh seeds of your desired plants. Subject I Want
If you have any of the following (or others) please email the editors for the May Journal saying “I have seeds of ... If interested, please contact me.” Subject I’ve Got
The I Want and I've Got can be found in the Members only area of the website under the heading Recalicrant Seeds. You must be logged in to the website to see the details.
Examples of recalcitrant seeds:

Adonis vernalis, Anemone nemorosa, Anemone quinquefolia, Anemonopsis, Anthurium, Asarum

Caltha palustris, Caulophyllum, Clintonia, Coptis trifoliata, Corydalis


Eomecon chionantha, Eranthis 

Hepatica, Hylomecon vernalis 


Lindera benzoin 

Medeola, Maianthemum

Paris quadrifolia, Plagiorhegma, Podophyllum

Sanguinaria, Symplocarpus, Stylophorum

Trillium albidum

Uvularia grandiflorum 


Uvularia grandiflora












clematis heracleifolia closeup

If you would like to purchase some clematis from Peter you can download and review the list by clicking here 

Clematis alpina closeup


On Wednesday, March 24th, a the second webinar was open to the public as well as to members. This one has a panel of experts discussing clematis pruning and how to use pruning to get the most from plants. The panel includes Linda Beutler of Oregon USA, Lyndy Broder of Georgia USA, and Peter Keeping of Ontario, Canada, with President Jeff Jabco moderating. The panel fields questions from participants and, hopefully, clear up many pruning misconce.


To access the this webinar and the first public webinar go to and select the link from the left side of the page index called  I.C.I.S. Webinars.  Once there follow the instructions for the free webinars.


Virtual Talk: Alpines from Seed 

Tues 23rd Feb 6:30pm (GMT) 

Get your ticket to see seed expert, Diane Clement, in action as she gives her famous talk on sowing alpine plant seeds! 

Want to sow alpine seeds but don’t know where to start? Or know where to start, but want some extra tips from a true expert? Either way, you’re in luck!

Diane’s talk offers practical tips on sowing everything from Cyclamen seeds to Iris seeds to pasque flower seeds and more!

The talk will also dispel a few myths about alpine seed sowing and offers some tricks to shorten the germination process (which, for some alpines can be years otherwise, so hallelujah!).

Back by popular demand, our virtual talk, ‘Alpines from Seed,’ is now open to members and non-members alike. The talk is £5 for non-members and free for members

It’ll be taking place via Zoom on Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021 at 18:30 (GMT). Get your ticket here!

Iris dichotoma main