Darren Hiembecker
Bio:  Darren Heimbecker is the owner and creative force behind Whistling Garden and is well known to members of ORG&HPS who live in Southern Ontario.

Darren is the owner, creator and designer of Whistling Gardens developed since 2006. While Darren worked tirelessly to create his masterpiece, Whistling Gardens was a plant nursery and garden centre - an invaluable resource for those seeking unusual trees and shrubs. 

Officially opened in 2012 as “Canada’s Newest Horticultural Playground”, Whistling Gardens featured 20 landscaped acres with “classical garden styles, some of which are inspired by the old Renaissance gardens of Europe including the Palace of Versailles.  Most gardens are surrounded by natural plantings, streams, ponds, and cascades, as well as cottage garden strolls. The conifer collection contains approximately 1,200 different species and cultivars.The donated peony collection features approximately 1,300 varieties.  Both are considered to be the largest public collections in North America! In total there are nearly 5,000 different plants in one of Ontario’s only privately operated Botanical Gardens.

Darren is a regular contributor to Fine Gardening Magazine and when not in the gardens he usually in his studio composing music and choreographing for the seasonal fountain performances and the upcoming theatrical fountain shows. 

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