Paul Spriggs has been rock gardening for roughly 22 years and building crevice gardens for about 15 years. 

He is an avid plant explorer, photographer, mountaineer, owner of Spriggs Gardens Landscaping company, and current President of the Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society. He has a passion for all wild plants especially those of dwarf stature and collects and cultivates them at various gardens in his hometown of Victoria, BC, Canada. Paul has learned the craft of crevice garden building directly from one of it’s innovators, Zdenek Zvolanek, of the Czech republic, and in the past decade and a half, has built many gardens in public parks and private homes that range in size from small feature troughs, to large installations involving many tonnes of stone. Paul is passionate about spreading the word of this style, through speaking to garden clubs all over the west, and by giving workshops for those keen on learning the finer points of this developing art form. He is currently working on the first North-American book about crevice gardens with Co-author Kenton Seth.



 2020 - 11  Grand Tour - Crevice Gardens of the  Czech Republic


2023 - 09 My Favourite Crevice Garden Plants