Deborah Hardwick has gardened just north of Columbus, Ohio for 25 years, collecting, studying and growing Clematis.

Her private collection of Clematis is one of the largest in the world, and features over 1000 varieties including species from around the globe. Native American Clematis species are an additional feature of the collection, with specimens representing the geographic distribution of a variety of Clematis groups grown from wild-collected seed.
Deborah’s clematis avocation has taken her around the world to meet plant breeders and she has established import connections and friendships with clematis breeders, collectors and aficionados in several countries.
A frequent contributor to the annual journals of both the International and British Clematis Societies, Deborah welcomes any opportunity to dispel the myths and promote the easy ways to see Clematis flourish in gardens in North America.
Deborah’s lectures feature hundreds of photographs from her garden, illustrating the diversity and beauty of Clematis in the landscape.


2017 - 03  The Virtuous Viorna
2017 - 03  The Productive Viorna
2024 - 09 Clematis: Myths and Truths