Bio:  Ger runs a small nursery, specializing rare alpines in the Netherlands. His interest in alpines started about 35 years ago, during his first treks in the mountains.

As she describes it, Inge Poot has been gardening all her life. Since her marriage 55 years ago to Peter, her life has revolved around orchids.

Jay Akerley is a rock and alpine gardening enthusiast with gardens in both Greater Vancouver and high on the Thompson Plateau in BC's Interior.

Jenny grew up in Zambia.She qualified as a horticulturist in South Africa and moved to the UK to work at Kew Garden.

Bio:  Jerry and Karen Kral garden on an acre of land in Rochester, NY. Their garden, which is one of the most 'visited' in the area, includes a 12,000 square foot rock garden.

Jim Jermyn has had a long career in the horticultural industry. Jim is a world-renowned Alpine expert.

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Bio:  John Lonsdale was born in in Sheffield, England, and has grown a wide variety of alpine and woodland plants

Bio:  After John obtained his Horticultural qualification he worked at St Andrews Botanic Garden, Inverewe. For the last 30 years John has worked at Edinburgh Botanic Garden, the last 19 as Supervisor.

Julia Corden has been the Garden Manager at The Explorers Garden, Pitlochry, Scotland for the past 15 years.

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Bio:   Kenton Seth is a young native of Colorado. He is a plant-nut and native plant hunter who has worked in public horticulture and nurseries.