Web Site:  http://www.southcoastgardens.ca

Bio:  Kevin Kavanagh is the owner of South Coast Gardens (2005) , a small specialty nursery and landscape design business in heart of Ontario’s ‘Carolinian zone’.

Lisa Roper is the Gravel Garden and Ruin horticulturist at Chanticleer, a public garden in Wayne Pa. where she has gardened for the past 26 years in various parts of the garden. 

Liz has been gardening in the Hockley Valley for 45 years. Her one hectare garden comprises several perennial beds, extensive rock and crevice gardens and raised tufa beds.

Bio:  Malcolm McGregor has been growing alpine plants for over 25 years — and saxifrages for most of that time. He says that it is the unforced charm of mountain plants that most attracts him.

Bio:   Marilyn Cornwell is a gardener and photographer living in Grimsby Ontario.

Web Site:  http://www.marionjarvie.ca

Martin Galloway holds a BSc Biology ( Guelph), MSc Zoology ( U of T ) B. Ed ( U of T).

Matin Hajman is the head gardener at Tromsø Botanic Garden, part of the Arctic University of Norway.

Most people consider gardening just a hobby, but Matt sees little difference between his obsession with plants, biology and with design.

Mike Bone is the curator of the Steppe Garden, and oversees the trial gardens, plant breeding, and propagation of wild collected material brought into the Denver Botanic garden.